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Style Guide

Welcome to the site Style Guide! Here you will find basic examples and guidance on how the site has been built, and what tools and tricks have been used to get the look and feel of the current layout. It’s basically a cheat-sheet for you to build and update content. As you go, if you wind up creating a new way or changing the way things are done, it might be a good idea to add or update the information here on this page, simply to help yourself and others maintain consistency over time.



Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6

Class is-alt

Heading 1

Heading 2

Heading 3

Heading 4

Heading 5
Heading 6


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  • Vestibulum cursus volutpat lorem
  • Vitae iaculis justo luctus sed. Sed eu ligula ligula.
  • Cras convallis quam ac sem condimentum
  • Pharetra rutrum dolor sodales.

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Additional CSS class(es)


The inner content inside of an Advanced Columns block – such as Headings, Paragraphs, and other blocks – will generally all have its own default margins set on them to space them out from other blocks around them. By add the pw-space-equally class to an Advanced Column container block, it will tell the other content blocks inside it use the same margins, giving a more consistent visual spacing.

Here is a visual example, with the inner content margins showing in orange…

With pw-space-equally

Without pw-space-equally

pw-border & pw-margin-top-and-bottom

As a note, to achieve the desired style implemented on the Testimonials section, we added helper classes. One with a 3px border in the current text color and the other to maintain visual vertical distance on smaller screens by adding margins on top and bottom. Those are pw-border and pw-margin-top-and-bottom respectively. We also added pw-space-equally to keep the inner content spaced consistently.


  • pw-border-sm adds a 2px border
  • pw-border & pw-border-md both add a 3px border
  • pw-border-lg adds a 5px border


pw-border or pw-border-md



This adds about 8px of margin on top and bottom, which combines to a nice 16px of vertical spacing when the layout stacks on smaller screens. Here is a visual example, with the margins showing in orange…


But best practice for a button link is to just use the PTW – Button Link block, like this…

PTW – Button Link

The reason we created this dedicated PTW – Button Link block is because there are a lot of other plugins and built in options for creating button links available within the Gutenberg editor, and trying to modify them all would be very difficult, and not a practical approach.

Alternately, you can create a normal text link, on it’s own separate paragraph line, then add the class “pw-button” or “button”, like so…

In line text link with class pw-button

In line text link with class button

These will show up styled like an on theme button link, though using the PTW – Button Link block is recommended if possible.

Advanced Columns Block

Advanced Columns is the basic building block of about every customized section. Most sections are an Advanced Columns block with a few layout and color settings, then added Headings, Paragraphs, PTW-Buttons, or Custom Blocks/Pods with them. As an example, some of the Advanced Columns blocks might have an H2 Heading within them, then a secondary Advanced Columns with a 2 Column layout nested just below that Heading. Below are some notes about how the settings have been used on this block throughout the site.

Advanced Columns + Full Width

Padding Top & Bottom 100px is the default. Other padding in use are usually in increments of 50px, such as 150px, or 200px.

Background Image and/or Background should be set.

Darkened Background Images need the Background Color set to Black, and the Image Opacity turned down. Adjust the Image Opacity on an image by image basis, making best judgements for readability.

Set Text Color to best contrast background.

Column Inner Max Width can be set to 1200px for sections that need stay more constrained, such as ones that use the Icon Cards in their layout.

Advanced Columns + 2 Column

Set Column Gap to 2

Column Layout “75/25” & “25/75” are ACTUALLY “60/40” & “40/60”. Those layout settings have been changed to show in a 60/40 ratio on the Front End of the site.

Spacer Block

If you need to add a little space in the layout somewhere, using the Spacer block is recommended. It’s minimum size is 30px, which is great for adding a little visual break between some content, especially inner text content. It is used throughout the site, and you will see it commonly used with 100px, but if not 100px it should be generally in increments of 50px for visually consistency.

Reusable Blocks

These are the blocks that should remain connected to each other. If one is updated, then the rest will update too.


10-Yard Dumpster

1 Ton (W: 93″ L: 12’6″ H: 44″)

Small, Remodeling projects, end of project cleanup

Select an Option

A Few of Our Peachy Clients

ResiPro Servpro Bowen & Watson Inc. Innovative Roofing Group Loudermilk Custom Homes Principle Builders Group

Let’s Talk Trash.

Tired of dumpster companies that say they’ll be there and never show up? Peachtree Waste keeps its word and when we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there.

Get In Touch

Starter Blocks

These are basic building blocks, pre-filled with example content. They are meant to be added to a layout, then immediately disconnected from the Reusable blocks by selecting the Reusable block options, then selecting “Convert to regular blocks”.

You can also modify the Starter Blocks to be better ready for how you want to use them, if you like, by adding or removing content and settings, or creating new ones as well. To see a list of all the Reusable Blocks, including Starter Blocks, click on the Block options, then select Manage Reusable blocks. Or you can visit this URL to go there directly.

Commercial Customers

We have an experienced commercial dumpster rental team with the right tools to guarantee you get the proper equipment for your job.

Residential Customers

We offer local Atlanta homeowners the roll off containers they need to get their large waste removal projects started.

The Peachtree Advantage


We’re not like your average dumpster company. In an industry known for missed deliveries and pickups and old software, we deliver the opposite: we give you what you want, when you want it, and exactly how you ordered it.

We are Peachtree Waste and we’re the modern, tech-savvy dumpster rental company you’ve been waiting for. So what exactly is the Peachtree Waste Advantage?


Example — Let’s Talk Trash.

Example — Tired of dumpster companies that say they’ll be there and never show up? Peachtree Waste keeps its word and when we say we’ll be there, we’ll be there.

Get In Touch

Top Service Areas

Demo One

Guards! Bring me the forms I need to fill out to have her taken away!

  • You, minion. Lift my arm. AFTER HIM!
  • Hey, you add a one and two zeros to that or we walk!
  • Ah, the ‘Breakfast Club’ soundtrack! I can’t wait til I’m old enough to feel ways about stuff!

Here’s some ordered info…

  1. You, minion. Lift my arm. AFTER HIM!
  2. Hey, you add a one and two zeros to that or we walk!
  3. Ah, the ‘Breakfast Club’ soundtrack! I can’t wait til I’m old enough to feel ways about stuff!

Some Other Info

And then the battle’s not so bad? I’m sure those windmills will keep them cool. We’re also Santa Claus! So I really am important? How I feel when I’m drunk is correct? Yes! In your face, Gandhi!

Like a safecracker, or a pickpocket.

No. We’re on the top. Shinier than yours, meatbag. She also liked to shut up! Yes, except the Dave Matthews Band doesn’t rock.

Additional Dummy Text

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Roll Out!

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Odd one out (Should be to the left on new line). Also this is a large copy block test.

And then the battle’s not so bad? I’m sure those windmills will keep them cool. We’re also Santa Claus! So I really am important? How I feel when I’m drunk is correct? Yes! In your face, Gandhi!

Bender, being God isn’t easy. If you do too much, people get dependent on you, and if you do nothing, they lose hope. You have to use a light touch. Like a safecracker, or a pickpocket.

No! Don’t jump! Now that the, uh, garbage ball is in space, Fry! Quit doing the right thing, you jerk! When the lights go out, it’s nobody’s business what goes on between two consenting adults.

Don’t just take it from us:

“I’ve seen a lot of garbage! But Peachtree [Waste] is different. They actually treat you like somebody. Management wants to hear our ideas, they want to know what’s on our mind, what we can do better and what we can do to improve. It’s a good atmosphere, – to have your ideas heard and actually implemented – is a good feeling.”

– Tommy S.

Roll-Off Driver and 33-year veteran of the waste industry

“The team at Peachtree Waste is absolutely amazing. Everyone is super supportive and is always ready to jump in and help. It also helps that everyone is super cool! The work is never dull. I encounter new things everyday, which always keep things interesting. Overall, a great place to work!”

– Office Employee

Review from May 17, 2021


Commercial Dumpster Uses

Office Renovations
Property Cleanouts
Concrete and Debris
Roofing debris
Construction Debris
Drywall and Insulation
Asbestos Removal
Site Cleanup

Residential Dumpster Uses

Home Renovations
Kitchen Remodels
Bathroom Remodels
Landscaping projects
Home Cleanouts
Environmental Cleanup
Emergency Cleanup

Request a Quote


Our mission is to provide best in class waste management disposal by providing timely and cost effective dumpster rentals and trash-outs using state of the art technology and accountable, directly employed supervision.


All Compactor Sizes

Reduced Collection Costs

Less Odor and Bugs

Fewer Hazards

Example of settings to start with for a new Section

Advanced Columns

  • Set Alignment to Full width
  • Set Color > Text Color to White
  • Set Color > Background Color to Black
  • Set Margin and Padding > Padding Top & Bottom both to 100px

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