Lead Recycling

With lead-acid batteries, you must be sure you are making the right choice about how to dispose of old and unwanted materials. Lead-acid batteries contain sulfuric acid, which can be very threatening and corrosive, meaning you are at risk if they aren’t recycled with the highest quality of care. So, feel confident that you’re choosing one of the most reliable companies for the job. With Peachtree Waste in Atlanta, you can rest assured knowing that you made the smart and safe choice for your lead-acid battery pickup and recycling needs.

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Friendly Atlanta Home Lead-Acid Battery Pickup and Recycling

Peachtree Waste in Atlanta handles your property with the utmost care and precaution to put your mind at ease. Your home is your number one priority, and keeping everyone safe is a big objective. Because lead-acid batteries contain sulfuric acid, if it were to touch your eye, it can potentially cause blindness. It can even cause internal organ damage if you were to accidentally ingest it. Peachtree Waste uses the proper precautions to ensure that your family is safe. Trustworthy lead-acid battery recycling is the way to go, and so is Peachtree Waste in Atlanta.

Professional Battery Recycling for Atlanta Businesses

When your Atlanta business needs lead-acid battery pickup and recycling services, be sure Peachtree Waste is the first place you call. Our specialists understand your needs and everything it takes to recycle your business’s batteries thoroughly. We are here to help you thrive in your company and declutter all those wasteful lead-acid batteries. Let us do what we do best and assist your Atlanta company with our lead-acid battery pickup and recycling services.

Industrial Battery Recycling in Atlanta

Unlike other companies, we care about the environment. And lead-acid battery recycling helps in more than one way. There are many benefits to recycling your old lead-acid batteries. So, team up with the experts at Peachtree Waste in Atlanta and help improve our local environment. It’s as easy as lead-acid battery recycling. The best part is, your productivity at your industrial site won’t be interrupted by our lead-acid battery recycling and pickup services. If you are in the Atlanta area, call us to see how you can participate in lead-acid battery recycling.


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