Copper Recycling

Copper has been growing in value for quite some time, and it is no different in Atlanta. If you are a home, business, or industrial property owner, you could be sending easily recyclable copper to landfills. With the copper recycling and pickup services offered by Peachtree Waste, LLC, we have helped many in Atlanta save this valuable material from being wasted. Whether it is pipes, wire, or any other form, copper can be recycled and repurposed for other industries looking for a more affordable source to this metal. Contact us today and see about our options for recycling any scrap copper you need to get rid of.

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Why Seek Our Copper Recycling Services in Atlanta?

Many in Atlanta trust in Peachtree Waste to handle their copper recycling pickup with our dumpster rental services. If you are rewiring your property, throwing out appliances, or working with copper, you could take advantage of our 10, 20, 20, and 40-yard dumpster sizes for rent in Atlanta. Based on the volume and available space, you could either rent one of our smaller dumpsters and pick it up frequently, or one of our larger ones with more time between pickups. Give Peachtree Waste a call today!

Home Copper Recycling and Pickup Provider in Atlanta

Are you planning on rewiring that old Atlanta residential property? Maybe get rid of some nonfunctioning and inefficient appliances? Often, you’ll need to get rid of some copper materials from your home. That is why we provide our dumpsters for copper wire recycling pickup services to those who own or manage residential properties in Atlanta. With this, you can help our local economy by making an affordable source of copy available to various industries. Call or use our online forms today to reserve a state of the art dumpsters for your copper recycling needs today.

Office and Industrial Copper Recycling Services in Atlanta

Businesses and industrial property owners in Atlanta have trusted our dumpster rental services when it comes to their goals for copper recycling. By recycling copper, this valuable material can be available for a much lower cost. Copper recycling also helps create jobs, reduces the environmental impact that comes from mining the metal, and makes sure unnecessary waste is sent to the landfills. You can boost about doing all of these things when you hire Peachtree Waste. Improve your business by renting one of our dumpsters to dispose of copper today. 


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Peachtree Waste is a premier waste management company based in Atlanta, GA. We offer both short and long term rental for dumpsters as well as compactor services in Atlanta, GA. Call today to receive an estimate of our junk removal and recycling options or secure a container. We are dedicated to providing best in class waste management services in the area that are cost effective.