Battery Recycling

Lithium battery recycling can be a dangerous process. There are so many questions you might not know, like is it safe to throw lithium or lead-acid batteries away, is it safe to recycle car batteries, what is the harm in the process? Peachtree Waste wants to help you stay safe when it comes to disposing of old batteries properly. We can help you with lithium, car, and lead-acid battery pickup and recycling on a residential, commercial, and industrial level.

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Atlanta Residents Lithium Battery Pickup and Recycling Needs

Peachtree Waste in Atlanta understands you want to protect your family and your household. Let our trained professionals help take the next step to protect what matters most with our recycling services. Most people don’t think twice about tossing out their lithium or lead-acid batteries, which can be dangerous to your household. Different batteries contain different hazardous materials and poor disposal can leave these exposed. With Peachtree Waste in Atlanta, you will find battery recycling of any kind simple. If you find yourself with a dead car battery, our car battery pickup and recycling services are just what you need.

Atlanta Commercial Battery Recycling and Pickup

Don’t just throw away your lithium, lead-acid, and even car batteries. Let our Atlanta specialists help you help the environment. There are plenty of positives to recycling your batteries. Pair up with Peachtree Waste in Atlanta to help sustain the environment. With a busy schedule, you must find yourself wondering whether to recycle your old batteries. With Peachtree Waste, you know you are making the right decision not only for you but for the ethical stance of your company. Contribute to our beautiful Atlanta environment by calling us to learn more about recycling your batteries.

Industrial Lead-Acid Battery Pickup and Recycling

 Peachtree Waste is determined to help you recycle your batteries of any kind throughout the Atlanta area. With so many benefits, you might find yourself asking, why wouldn’t I recycle my batteries? Our environmentally friendly company can help make that happen. With services like lithium, car, and lead-acid battery pickup and recycling, Peachtree Waste in Atlanta is your one stop shop for all your recycling needs. Reach out to us today and get on your way to easy and reliable recycling services for your Atlanta industrial property.


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Peachtree Waste is a premier waste management company based in Atlanta, GA. We offer both short and long term rental for dumpsters as well as compactor services in Atlanta, GA. Call today to receive an estimate of our junk removal and recycling options or secure a container. We are dedicated to providing best in class waste management services in the area that are cost effective.