Commercial Waste Compactor

Reliable commercial waste compactors improve waste efficiency and landfill diversion. At Peachtree Waste, we understand that an efficient commercial waste compactor service is critical to the success of your business. Our line of trash compactor services includes the delivery of an empty container that hooks up to your compactor as well as hauling it away when it is full. At Peachtree Waste, we can handle both wet and dry compacted waste, so we can be your one stop shop for waste removal in Atlanta.

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Durable Containers Commercial Waste Compactors in Atlanta

Our comprehensive compactor services include timely pick up of full containers and drop off of empty ones when you need. Since compacting waste increase the overall mass, you can trust that our containers can handle the load your company’s compactor creates. Make the most of your time in Atlanta and let Peachtree Waste’s compactor services take one more thing off your mind.

Providing Atlanta Companies With Reliable Waste Containers

If your company has a waste baler, we can provide you with a place to store what your device consolidates. Whether you are compressing paper, plastic, or other materials, we can provide you with a place to store that waste material until you are ready to dispose of or recycle it. Our timely service will help ensure that the waste end of your process won’t be bottlenecked. Peachtree is punctual, so that you can be profitable.

Wet and Dry Waste Compactors in Atlanta

Peachtree Wastes offers compactor service for the Atlanta metro area. Compactors are great for businesses that frequently dispose of large amounts of standard solid waste, including wet and dry waste. At Peachtree Waste, we have been matching Atlanta’s compactors with containers that can handle both wet and dry compacted waste. You can be sure that no matter what materials you compact at your facility in Atlanta, all that waste will remain in our containers.


Keep It Peachy in Atlanta, GA With Our Waste Management!

Peachtree Waste is a premier waste management company based in Atlanta, GA. We offer both short and long term rental for dumpsters as well as compactor services in Atlanta, GA. Call today to receive an estimate of our junk removal and recycling options or secure a container. We are dedicated to providing best in class waste management services in the area that are cost effective.