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Debris & Waste Removal

If you’re in the market for junk removal services for materials typically challenging to dispose of, Peachtree Waste is a reliable solution for you and your business. We will provide the containers to pick up and haul away your junk according to the schedule we create together. Whether you have a residential or commercial grade junk removal need, Peachtree Waste in Atlanta can take care of it while keepin’ it peachy.

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Construction Junk Removal and Hauling in Atlanta

The amount of waste accumulated during a construction job can be overwhelming when you don’t have the proper means of disposal. At Peachtree Waste in Atlanta, we can haul almost all construction and demolition debris off your construction site, so you have a clean space to facilitate a safe work environment, or to present your work. Rent a dumpster to match the size of your waste output, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Dumpster Capacity & Sizes

  • 10-Yard Dumpster

    Starting at $305 for 1 Ton

    W: 93" L: 12'6" H: 44"

    Small, remodeling projects, end of project cleanup

  • 20-Yard Dumpster

    Starting at $350 for 2.5 Tons

    W: 91" L: 22'6" H: 54"

    Small to medium-size home projects or renovations

  • 30-Yard Dumpster

    Starting at $415 for 4 Tons

    W: 91" L: 22'6" H: 78"

    Large home projects & new construction

  • 40-Yard Dumpster

    Starting at $465 for 5.5 tons

    W: 91" L: 22'6" H: 96"

    Large-scale renovations & new home construction

  • Clean Concrete Only

    Starting at $365 for 8 tons

    10YD and 20YD dumpsters available for hauling concrete.

    10YD: W 93″ L 12’6 H 44″ Starting at $365 for 8 tons
    20YD: W 91″ L 22’6 H 54″ Starting at $425 for 10 tons


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Roofing Waste Removal and Junk Hauling in Atlanta

When we work on roofs, it often involves pulling up and replacing shingles, whether it’s a few bad patches or the entire roof. Depending on the job, roofing debris could fill the entirety of our largest dumpster. When it’s time to work on the roof or police the shingles, considering your junk pickup service is a must. Peachtree Waste is available to the Atlanta community when you need junk removal services such as these.

Landscaping Waste Removal and Hauling in Atlanta

When the junk removal you need includes landscaping waste, Peachtree Waste in Atlanta can take care of the heavy lifting for you. Whether you’re landscaping a yard to tailored to our customers’ vision, or cleaning up after a nasty storm or natural disaster, our dumpsters can handle plants, branches, and other yard waste, as well as landscaping materials such as fencing, shingles, curated iron, and lumber, so that you aren’t inconvenienced when disposing of them illegally or irresponsibly.

Demolition Waste Removal and Hauling in Atlanta

Sometimes, to reconstruct the envisioned building, you must demolish an already existing building (or part of it). We all know that there’s nothing like demolition to create mass amounts of debris and waste, and it requires massive cleanup. While you’re worrying about getting everything cleaned up to start the construction phase, rely on dumpsters from Peachtree Waste in Atlanta to contain your waste and take care of the junk pickup phase of the process.

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Asbestos Hauling for Removal & Abatement Projects in Atlanta

Peachtree Waste in Atlanta can help you with removing and hauling away your friable or nonfriable asbestos. Not only will we provide the dumpster and haul it away with your materials, but we will also instruct you on the proper disposal for asbestos if you are unfamiliar with the practice. Whether you’re an abatement company specializing in asbestos removal or contractor who finds some onsite, dumpsters from Peachtree Waste in Atlanta can help you safely manage it. Our junk pickup and junk removal services include potentially harmful materials like asbestos, call us for more information.

Concrete Removal and Hauling in Atlanta

When you need concrete removed and hauled off a property, dumpsters from Peachtree Waste in Atlanta are built to accommodate the large volume of waste. Once you fill the container with clean concrete, we take it to be recycled at facilities that can reuse it for future projects. We offer a 10-ton flat rate so you can worry less about overages and focus on your priorities. When it comes time for junk hauling, Peachtree Waste will take care of it.


Keep It Peachy in Atlanta, GA With Our Waste Management!

Peachtree Waste is a premier waste management company based in Atlanta, GA. We offer both short and long term rental for dumpsters as well as compactor services in Atlanta, GA. Call today to receive an estimate of our junk removal and recycling options or secure a container. We are dedicated to providing best in class waste management services in the area that are cost effective.