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Benefits of using a trash compactor for your business

Compactors 101

A compactor is a machine that reduces the size and volume of material by compressing and crushing refuse into a container at the sire of generation. 

Benefits of using a compactor: 

  • Saves labor costs
    • Workers do not have to break up boxes or carry trash outside to a container
  • Reduces collection costs
    • Compacting waste reduces the number of trips required for transporting waste to the disposal site
  • Improves safety
    • By using compactors and following ANSI standards, you can avoid bodily injury 
  • Extends pavement life
    • With fewer pickups, wear and tear on parking lots is reduced
  • Discourages scavengers and reduces insect problems
    • Compaction reduces insect and rodent problems and keeps scavengers out of your computer
  • Odor management
    • A sealed compactor / container system reduces odor and odor management systems can destroy odor causing bacteria
  • Prevents windblown trash
    • Trash is contained and the need to sweep your parking lot is reduced
  • Reduces Fire Hazards
    • Fire hazards are reduced by containing potential combustibles, which also saves on insurance costs

Ready to smash some trash?

Visit our Compactors page to learn more about Peachtree Waste commercial waste compactors, or give us a call!